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The Niner - Magic Clothes Hanger

The Niner - Magic Clothes Hanger

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Organizing your wardrobe has never been easier!



✔️ Save 9 times the space - with one hanger instead of 9

✔️ More room - for your favorite clothes

✔️ For horizontal and vertical use - to meet your needs

✔️ Ultra-durable - for a long lifetime

✔️ 360° rotatable - to reach your clothes easily


Not enough space in your wardrobe? No problem! The Niner will organize your clothes and makes finding your favorite ones much easier from using only 1 hanger instead of 9.

You can use it either horizontally or vertically to maximize the storage space like never before.

Tip: Categorizing your styles with different colored hangers makes finding and hanging your clothes as easy as possible.


Designed with attention to detail - the updated structure and material composition are made to withstand heavy jackets and 8 kg (or 17,5 lbs) in total as well. 

The rotating hook allows you to place your clothes in whichever position you find the most comfortable and makes access to your favorite ones as easy as possible.


 A true "no-brainer" for everyone with too many clothes or an unorganized wardrobe.


  • Dimensions (LxW): 33cm/13in x 16,5cm/6,5in
  • Material: reinforced PP+TPE
  • 360° rotatable hook
  • room for up to 9 hangers
  • can carry up to 8 kg or 17,5 lbs 

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